EEOptics Corporation

Polarization Modulators

EEOptics Corporation's Polarization Modulator provides a continuous rotation of any polarized light with the applied control voltage in high modulation rate. The device is developed based on EEO crystals and can rotate State of Polarization (SOP) through phase retardation. Polarization rotators, Phase Modulators and Intensity Modulators are also available.


  • Precise, high-speed polarization rotation control
  • Linear Response
  • 180, 360 or 720 degree polarization rotation
  • Long Life Time
  • Low Loss
  • Compact in Size
  • Wide Response Bandwidth (DC~MHz)
  • Applications

    • Polarization switching
    • Polarization Scrambler
    • Variable digital group delay
    • Polarization management
    • Interferometers and Sensing systems

    Key Specifications

    Parameters Values
    Insertion Loss (IL) <0.8dB
    Operating Wavelength 1550nm (Other wavelengths available)
    Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) <0.2dB
    Activation Loss <0.05dB
    Return Loss (RL) >50dB
    Response Time <10μs (Depending on the driver design)
    Vπ & V (@room temperature) Vπ<50V,V<100V
    Modulation Rate DC~ 130KHz (Fixed rate up to 6MHz)
    Polarization Rotaion Speed up to 106 radian/s

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