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Electro-Elasto-Optical (EEO) Crystals

EEOptics Corporation has developed a new generation of Electro-Elasto-Optical (EEO) crystals and a series of polarization modulation devices and sub systems using the EEO crystals.

The EEO crystal is a biaxial optical crystal with Ng=2.564, Nm=2.558, Np=2.545, 2V=109o. It is a kind of modified Perovskite ternary solid solution with MPB (Morphotropic Phase Boundary), formula ABO3 (B-site: Sb, Ti, In, Mg and Nb). The property symmetry is mm2 with a nano-domain structure.

EEO crystals show the unique merit of EO properties over traditional EO crystals:

  • High EO Coefficient rc 300 ~ 600 pm/V, more than an order higher than LiNbO3
  • Low Halfwave VPi less than 100 V (l/d =1), 20 times less than LiNbO3 crystal
  • Transparent in 0.4 um - 4.5 um
  • Stable and easily machinable
  • Commercially available in mass qty
  • Broad Electro-optical applications, such as polarization modulator, stabilizer, wavelength modulators and etc.

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    EEO Crystals

    A variety of EEO crystal elements are available and customer order is welcome.

    Products Developed based on EEO Crystals

    EEO Element
    EEO Elements
    Polarization Controllers
    Polarization Scrambler
    Polarization Modulator