EEOptics Corporation

EEO Elements/EEO Crystal Pockels cells

EEOptics Corporation provides high speed EEO elements, fully packaged dynamic phase retarders connected with electrical wires. The EEO elements are built based on the EEO crystals. They offer super-high effective EO-coefficient over 300~600pm/V, low Vπ, fast response speed (2-10 μs) with transparency wavelength range (0.4 - 4.5 μm). They are highly reliable with wide operating temperature range (-30 C to 70 C) and excellent chemical stability.

Key Specifications

Parameters Values
Operating Wavelength 1550nm (Other wavelengths available)
Insertion Loss (IL) <0.1dB
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) <0.05dB
Activation Loss <0.06dB
Return Loss (RL) >50dB
Response Time <2~10μs (depending on the driver design)
Vπ & V (@room temperature) Vπ<60V,V<120V
Modulation Rate DC~130KHz


Polarization Controller/Scrambler
Polarization Controllers/Scramblers
Polarization Rotator
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