EEOptics Corporation

EEO Crystals and Devices

EEO Elements

EEOptics developed a wide variety of photonics products, based on an innovative electro-optical single crystals:EEO Crystal (The EEO is defined as Electro "E", Elasto "E" and Optical "O"). EEO Cystals have features of high electro-optic coefficient, linear E-O effect, fast response speed, and broad transparent bandwith.
EEOptics offer EEO elements that is a dynamic phase retarder with electrical wires connected. Start to integrate EEO elements to build a high speed devices by yourselves.

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EEO Variable Phase Retarder

The EEOptics EEO crystal variable phase retarder (EEOVR) is a transmissive element with an electrically tunable optical phase retardance. The EEOptics phase retarder is a thin transmissive element causing minimal losses and can be simply placed within the optical path of your system. EEOptics' variable retarders provide continuous adjustment and control over the polarization state in a beam path.

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EO High Speed Polarization Rotators

The EEOptics EEO crystal polarization rotators continuously alter the polarization of light due to the principle of birefringence at very high speed. EEO crystal based polarization rotators can be used to rapidly change the angle of polarization in response to an electric signal, and can be used for rapid polarization state generation (PSG) or polarization state analysis (PSA)with high accuracy.

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EO High Speed Polarization Controllers

EEOptics provides electrically driven, high speed, polarization control elements, devices, modules and instruments to realize polarization rotation, polarization stablization, polarization modulation, polarization scrambling, and polariztion controlling.

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