EEOptics Corporation

EEOptics Corporation opens a new R&D center

Lisle, IL- May 01, 2019- EEOptics Corporation is proudly announce the formation of a new research and development center in Andover, MA.
"We remain committed to producing the high quality, high speed, and reliable electro-optic products in the market," noted Pengdi Pan, CEO of EEOptics. "The formation of this new R&D center gives us another significant tool that enables us to continue to deliver cutting-edge innovations and solutions to our customers. In addition, the excellent location allows us to benefit from the wealth of talent and favorable technology eco-system present in the area, facilitating collaboration with our partners, and further accelerating our new product introduction activities."

About EEOptics Corporation
EEOptics Corporation is the worldwide first company developed a new generation of Electro-Elasto-Optical (EEO) Crystal which has very high Electro-Optic Coefficient, broad transparent bandwidth, fast response speed. EEOpics Corporation also develops and manufactures advanced light polarization advanced light polarization, intensity, spectrum management devices and systems for telecommunications and instrumentation markets.